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Horse Show Order Form

Fill in Form

1.) Your Name 
2.) E-mail address
3.) Phone #
4.) Name of Show

Please Provide the following information when ordering.
Class Number
Back Number
If this info is not available at time of order, Please Provide.
Name of Class
Name of Rider
Name of Horse

Videos are Digital Downloads sent via

Individual Class Video $100
Full Class Video $75
Academy Class Video $75
Videos uploaded to Vimeo an Additional $25 Per Video


Original (2).png
Please check the schedule of shows before ordering, link is provided above.

               Ordering Info

 Important Information 
 If Vision of 8 is unable to provide an Individual Rider Video 
 due to over booking 
Vision of 8 
 will provide a Full Class Video from the Live Stream 

 Please indicate : Individual Rider, Full Class or Academy, in    the numbered Form above use letter I, F, or A to indicate 

Question Please Call: 413 657 1573


Thank You for Ordering!

 Make Payment Selection 

Select an item ($)

" Please Read "

When Ordering only one payment selection can be submitted per order. If you need options in your order? You'll need submit a second form. 

{ If you don't know Class Number and/or your Back Number at the time of ordering.

Provide: Name of the Class,

Name of the Rider, and Name of the Horse }


You can also Email:


If you are going to view the Class Video on Apple Products

 Please indicate in instruction box

I will convert the files for downloading as necessary.

Academy Classes are discounted for Individual Riders, use the Full Class Payment Option and indicate it is a Academy Class.


Please Provide any Special Instructions in the Box provided



{ If for any reason Vision of 8 is unable to record your Individual Ride, due to incorrect information

before your Class Shows.

You'll be provided a Full Class Video without a Refund }


Vision of 8 does not record DVD's at the Show

If you need a video on DVD it will be available for a Additional $40

Please provide Mailing Address in the special instructions box

Pay by Check send via Mail or Provide Check at the Show $40


DVD Payment with Credit Card at the show $45.

ALL DVD will be sent thru the Mail after the show.


Checks Payable to Kevin Booth

7 Elan St.

Enfield, Ct 06082

Postage is included with the DVD order.


Vision of 8 Video Production

Thanks for Ordering

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